Advertising The »The Autonomous Event«, September 5, 2019. Vienna, Austria.

Am 05. September 2019 findet in der Hofburg zu Wien das Event »The Autonomous« von TTTech Auto statt.
On September, 5th, 2019 the event »The Autonomous« by TTTech Auto will take place in Vienna, Austria.

The Autonomous is an initiative of TTTech Auto bringing together leading influencers of the automotive industry and beyond. The aim is to lay the foundation of a global safety reference and discuss possible aspects of standardization in the perspective of safety in autonomous mobility.

Autonomous mobility is on the brink of history to pave the way towards a better, more livable future. Due to first accidents raising doubt in public opinion, safety proves to be the main concern and challenge for the mass adoption. These current challenges and associated investment costs in the automotive sector cannot be mastered by a single OEM, Tier 1 or tech company. 

Therefore, the autonomous mobility industry needs to come together to show serious efforts to increase safety. Just like in aviation, autonomous driving needs to set common technical standards, legislation, and a process to learn from past incidents and avoid future ones.

The Autonomous Event in Vienna will bring together board level as well as experts of the automotive industry, government, legislation and disruptors. In addition to the keynotes of Klaus Fröhlich (BMW AG), Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler (AUDI AG), Reinhard Ploss (Infineon Technologies AG), Young Sohn (Samsung Electronics) and a top-level representatives of the biggest Chinese car manufacturer SAIC, top-level panel discussions and expert-workshops will also be held.

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