Interview with Felipe Massa »The Fans want to cheer on a Human Driver and not a Robot«

Alle Fragen beantwortet: Felipe Massa, Neuzugang im Formel-E-Team Venturi, nach dem Interview mit Stefanie Eckardt, ltd. Redakteurin Elektronik automotive, auf dem Electronica-Stand des Venturi-Technologie-Partners Rohm Semiconductor.
All questions answered: Felipe Massa, new member of the Formula E Team Venturi, after the interview with Stefanie Eckardt, Senior Editor of Elektronik automotive, at the Electronica booth of Venturi technology partner Rohm Semiconductor.

Shortly before the start of the fifth Formula E season on December, 15th, newcomer Felipe Massa told us what challenges there are in comparison to Formula 1, his expectations of his first season in an electric racing car and assessed his chances of winning. And what does he think about Roboraces?

Elektronik automotive: What does participation in Formula E mean for you?

Felipe Massa: E-Mobility is changing the world. Cars, commercial vehicles, bikes everything becomes electric in a very fast way. This is also the reason why Formula E is getting bigger and more successful from year to year. This evolution has been particularly noticeable from season 2 to season 3. Now, in the upcoming season 5, we have reached the currently highest level of evolution.  Being part of this evolution and this change makes me quite happy. I had been a Formula 1 racing driver for 16 years and Formula 1 is every driver's dream. But I had my time there and stopped at the right time. However, racing is in my blood and Formula E is a very attractive racing series that will be fun to participate in. With an evolving mentality towards electric cars and an ever faster changing world - who knows if Formula E will be the most important championship in racing one day.

Another reason why I decided to compete in Formula E is the high quality of the drivers. In Formula E there are five / six drivers who can win the championship. Unfortunately this was not the case in Formula 1. That's definitely a challenge. Another is that I don't know the tracks yet, which are not easy to drive. But it's also the attraction of a new race series for me and I will enjoy Formula E and the second part of my career every second.