Elektronik Distributor of the Year 2018 The Champions of Distribution 2018

Die Champions der Distribution 2018
The Champions of Distribution 2018

The readers have voted: In the twelfth readers' poll for the »Electronics Distributor of the Year«, the Elektronik readers again awarded predominantly good and very good marks. The satisfaction with their supply partners is quite high.

Many pupils could consider themselves lucky with such grades: No grade worse than a »two minus« (German grading system) in the annual report. For the German electronics distribution this seems to be a matter of course, as the grades from previous years also prove. In general, from the customers' point of view, everything points to the fact that the distributors are excellently suited for their task. In the readers' poll of Elektronik and its online portal elektronik.de, the distributors were able to achieve average ratings of very good (1) to good (2).
In the run-up to the readers' vote, we had asked the distributors to register and indicate the product categories in which they would like to take part in the readers' vote. In the anniversary year 2016, we revised the product categories in cooperation with the Fachverband der Bauelemente-Distribution e.V. (FBDi) and added two new categories. In addition to the three proven categories »Active Components«, »Passive Components«, and »Electromechanics«, »Optoelectronics« and »Displays« were separately listed and the »Embedded« category was also introduced. Since then, the participating distributors have also been assessed according to seven criteria in accordance with the school grade principle. The distinction between sample quantities and volumes for the existing criteria of product availability and delivery service was a suggestion from the FBDi environment at the time. The seven criteria comprise:

  • Product portfolio
  • Product availability samples
  • Product availability volume
  • Sample delivery service
  • Delivery service volume
  • Technical competence/support
  • Overall impression

While the »product portfolio« criterion is used to assess the breadth of the product range, »product availability« is not determined by the thickness of a catalogue or the size of the online shop offering, but by whether the goods ordered are also available and to what extent (samples/volumes). With the »delivery service«, the delivery modalities offered and the logistics (samples/volumes) are evaluated, with the spectrum ranging from express delivery to the stocking of components in consignment warehouses. How good is the technical advice provided to the distribution customer and how well can the distributor support his customers in the event of technical problems? Exactly these abilities are the focus of the criterion »technical competence / support«. This is where the knowledge and experience of the application engineers at the distributors comes into play. In the past, the grades there were consistently a bit worse than in the other disciplines. Last year they were on the same level with the other disciplines. This year they have further improved their level. Finally, there is the »overall impression« criterion, which reflects the customer's gut feeling. This subjective grade is intended to express the customer's overall satisfaction with his delivery partner.
The reader choice took place exclusively online on our portal elektronik.de. This year, 2446 participants, who cast their votes, ensured that the readers' choice was highly informative. The »Active Components« category was particularly well-rated. 74.1 percent of all participants cast their votes here, followed by »Passive Components« with 32.6 percent. »Electromechanics« accounted for 25.4 percent, »Optoelectronics« for 24.4 percent, »Displays« for 25.4 percent, and »Embedded« for 24.9 percent. This means that almost three-quarters of the participants assessed a distributor for active components, almost five percentage points more than in the previous year 2017. Among the assessors, the distributors of passive components increased by 1.6 percentage points and those of electromechanics by 2.3 percentage points compared to the previous year. Optoelectronics climbed by 3.8 percentage points and displays by 4.2 percentage points.

Placings of the Winners

A total of 21 distributors were able to get at least one podium place.
Reichelt took the lead in all categories with a total of twenty podium places, including eleven gold, five silver, and four bronze medals. With 21 placings, Rutronik was even able to win one more award, but came second in the medal table with seven gold medals, six silver medals, and eight bronze medals. EBV came third with seven podium places, including four gold medals and fourth place went to Digi-Key with three gold medals. Glyn was able to win 12 awards, two first places, five second places, and five third places. That's enough for 5th place in the medal table.



The basic population of the survey consisted of all readers of Elektronik and the associated online portal elektronik.de. The survey was conducted online and ended on June 29th, 2018. The sample was self-selective, i.e., every user could participate in the survey. The sender's details were mandatory in order to prevent multiple responses from the same user and manipulation. The analysis was carried out by the market research company ifak in Taunusstein. The decisive factor for determining the ranking in the individual categories is first of all the average score. If two or more distributors achieve the same average mark, the »Top Box« is used as a further distinguishing criterion. This includes the percentage of ratings with school grades 1 and 2 (values in brackets).
We would like to thank our readers for their active participation. Once again this year, they voted the Electronics Distributor of the Year, which was a great success. As a thank you, we raffled valuable prizes among all participants, which were kindly donated.