Siemens-CEO Joe Kaeser »The 21st century will be the Asian century.«

Siemens-CEO Joe Kaeser
Siemens-CEO Joe Kaeser

Siemens-CEO Joe Kaeser, who is also chairman of the Asia-Pacific committee of the German economy, urgently calls for a common foreign trade policy of the EU countries.

The 21st century would become the Asian century. A strong, self-confident Europe is »a necessity if we want to survive in the new world order«, Kaeser warned in a guest commentary for a german entrepreneur magazine. It would be »reckless to assume that we could assert our interests in Asia without a uniform European policy«.

The People's Republic of China would be the largest economy in the world by 2030 at the latest and would pursue global political ambitions. But it still »keeps many doors closed for foreign companies«. Kaeser warned that the basis of European politics must be reciprocity, »that is, the same rights for all participants«.

The common foreign trade policy must secure the infrastructure and important technologies for the basic supply of Europeans and »demand standards for cyber security and for the protection of intellectual property«. It should also »promote rather than prevent the development of strong European businesses«, Kaeser wrote. The fact that the EU Commission had prohibited the merger of the railway companies Siemens and Alstom was not farsighted, he added.