20 Years Trusted Computing Group TCG accelerates Focus on IoT Security

The Trusted Computing Group sees »more risks than ever before« on the occasion of its 20th anniversary and wants to advance its technology in areas that are heavily penetrated by embedded computers.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary at its Annual Members Meeting in Toronto, Canada, over 100 Trusted Computing Group member organizations are gathering to reflect on the critical progress TCG has made in improving secure computing across the world whilst identifying areas which need more action.

»20 years ago, significant action was needed across the world to protect and secure vulnerable computing technologies against cyber-attacks for us all to live in a secure and safe digital world,« said Dr Joerg Borchert, President & Chairman of Trusted Computing Group. »Bridging gaps between countries, companies, devices and people, the Trusted Computing Group was formed to foster innovation and collaboration in order to share best solutions and practices to help prevent and mitigate the risks of threats increasingly prevalent in the digital modern world. Today, TCG technologies have been adopted in more than a billion devices worldwide which are mitigating more risks now than ever.«

25 certified modules

Formed in 1999, Trusted Computing Group has since created 25 certified Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) which have been deployed internationally to increase the resiliency of devices against cyber-attacks. TCG has also published over 100 specifications for advancing best practices and standards which have advanced cybersecurity best practice in various industries across the world.

Borchert continues: »There has been an acceleration of innovation over the past two decades in developing TCG standards and specifications. As the IoT era emerges, there is now more demand than ever to accelerate the speed of secure computing so the digital world can exist in harmony and without risk.«
TCG has most recently developed the world’s tiniest TPM which addresses the growing risk of exploitation in IoT devices of different sizes and with various needs. The formation of the new TCG Measurement and Attestation RootS (MARS) Subgroup innovated the tiniest TPM to enable greater reach of trusted computing technologies over a wider set of IoT devices.

New fields of activity

Alongside security in the IoT, TCG also recognizes other key areas that require action including industrial applications, automotive, wearables, medical and the Smart Home. Increasingly, modern society puts greater trust in critical everyday devices such as autonomous cars, smart homes and health care applications which are all connected to the Internet. The trust in these connected devices can only be determined by the trust in the secure integrity of the device which is why more action needs to be done.

Looking ahead, there are many areas and industries which still require secure protection. TCG is committed to the deployment of secure computing and will create a New Innovation Committee to ensure challenges, issues and gaps in the cybersecurity industry are addressed so the digital economy can exist in a safe and secure way.