Vehicle Test on Complex Race Track Taycan Sets a Record at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife

Der Porsche Taycan absolvierte die Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 7:42 min.
The Porsche Taycan completed the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 7:42 min.

The new Porsche Taycan sets a record at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and conquered the legendary track in seven minutes and 42 seconds. The lap time was set over the 20.6-kilometer course that is usually used for record attempts.

»The Taycan mastered its Triple Endurance Run superbly. First, our electric sports car demonstrated the reproducibility of its performance as part of a strenuous test involving 26 successive acceleration runs from zero to 200 km/h. Then it completed 3,425 kilometres within 24 hours in Nardò without any issues and now the record at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife«, remarks Stefan Weckbach, Vice President Product Line Taycan. »Numerous factors contribute to this performance and the efficiency of the powertrain, also at high speeds. These include the chassis systems that react within a fraction of a second as well as the outstanding aerodynamics.«

With the record at the Nürburgring, Porsche shows that the Taycan with its electric machines on the front and rear axles can do both race track and endurance run. The sportscar manufacturer covered a distance of exactly 3,425 kilometres in a prototypeas part of a test at the Nardò (Italy) high-speed track. This roughly equates to the distance from Nardò to Trondheim in Norway. In sizzling temperatures at the southern Italian test track, the speed was between 195 and 215 km/h. In peak outside temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius and a track temperature of up to 54 degrees Celsius, the Taycan prototype proved its long-distance qualities even before the series production launch. The test was completed without interruptions, as the prototype merely had to pause for quick charging stops and driver changes.