15 years Wireless Congress Successfully into the future

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Brückmann, Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Brückmann, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Brückmann has been a member of the program committee since the first Wireless Congress. He looks back on fifteen successful congress events and and gives a short outlook to the future.

I remember very well the beginnings of the Wireless Congress which was initiated by Günther Klasche, the editor in chief of the Elektronik, and by Wolfgang Hascher. Not least due to them the congress was a success from the beginning and will take place this year for the fifteenth time. Due to their excellent networking and their personal commitment they could establish a very competent program committee with members from industry and academia. In a first step this committee had to identify main topics for the Wireless Congress and in a second step it had to evaluate the submitted contributions with respect to quality and to relevance for the Wireless Congress.

From nowadays perspective the time, the Wireless Congress was established, was well chosen. 3G UMTS was already available and the number of subscribers of cellular services was heavily rising. Nearly everybody was convinced that mobile communications will have a great future. In parallel to the cellular networks and WLAN additional wireless technologies like Bluetooth and ZigBee came up, which enabled wireless data transmission in the license free ISM-band.  

Many companies, especially medium-sized enterprises, realized that it is necessary for them in the longer run to add wireless interfaces to their products. In many cases the respective know-how was however missing. Here the Wireless Congress was a suitable forum to get a first overview about the technologies of interest and to establish the right contacts, in order to start an own development.

The workshops, which were also offered as part of the Wireless Congress, were certainly also very helpful in this context. In these workshops selected topics, for example specific technologies or qualification procedures required prior to product launches, were treated in detail. As a result newcomers and also advanced users were able to build up and deepen their knowledge in specific areas. In particular it was possible to discuss open questions that had already arisen in the course of development with the appropriate experts.


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15 years Wireless Congress



Although the market for cellular and wireless technologies has gone through some ups and downs in the following years, the Wireless Congress has continued to evolve. The topics were repeatedly adapted to current developments.

After retirement of Günther Klasche and by Wolfgang Hascher a few years later the Wireless Congress was very successfully continued by Gerhard Stelzer and Harry Schubert. Recent developments have always been taken into account in the program and in the expert panels.

Due to the »Internet of Things«, which is now on everyone’s lips, a new hype has emerged for the Wireless Congress. Wireless technologies are indispensable for the IoT. Nowadays wireless systems, including extensive software packets are available for this purpose and can be adapted to the different applications. Therefore the focus of the Wireless Congress has shifted strongly towards system development and applications. In addition other wireless technologies and applications such as 5G, LoRA, Sigfox and wireless sensor networks have, of course, been added in recent years.

It certainly remains exciting in this area and the Wireless Congress is facing a bright future.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Brückmann,

Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Faculty 6 – Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Media Technology

Chair of Communications Engineering

Member Wireless Congress Program Committee