Call for Papers Ends 30 April Submit Your Proposal for a Presentation as Soon as Possible

22.-23. Oktober 2019 in München. Einsendeschluss für den Call for Papers: 30. April 2019.
22-23 October 2019 in Munich. Closing date for the Call for Papers: 30 April 2019.

Only a few days remain to submit proposals for presentations and workshops at the Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications 2019.

Not only 5G will radically change the communication between machines in the future. The next generation of LPWAN technologies is set to eliminate the weaknesses of the first low power wide area networks. As a result, the bandwidth of applications for wireless communication is growing – and the demands on technology and engineers and developers are increasing.

Future wireless networks must be easy to manage and control –Software Defined Network (SDN) is the buzzword here – and they must be robust against change – resilience will gain outstanding importance in the future. Changes in the network – e.g. due to the addition or failure of nodes – and in the environment of the network – e.g. due to neighbouring networks or structural changes – must not impair the performance of data transmission.

With all the new requirements – including mMTC (Massive Machine-Type Communications) and URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications) – the existing challenges must not be neglected in practice: For example, the robustness and reliability of the transmission, but also the safety and security of the data and the devices and systems connected to the network will continue to occupy developers and system integrators.

Diversity of wireless applications will grow

With technical development, wireless communication is also becoming interesting for more applications. These include, for example, use in automation technology for controlling electric motors and robots, communication between vehicles and automation in agriculture, and the automated use of robots and drones.

The Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications traditionally covers the broad spectrum of different wireless technologies and applications with its programme. Lectures on technical advances and new development approaches from all application areas are welcome. Lectures on practical aspects, e.g. implementation, operation or measurement technology, are also welcome, as are presentations on the standardisation and compliance of wireless systems. Since 16 years, the Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications is a platform for the exchange of information between wireless experts from science and industry, across research disciplines and from all areas of industry.

Take the opportunity to attend the 16th Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications and quickly submit your presentation proposal.