embedded world Conference 2020 Submit Presentations Now

The recent embedded world Conference attracted about 2100 visitors within 3 days.
The recent embedded world Conference attracted about 2100 visitors within 3 days.

The Call for Papers for the embedded world Conference 2020 is online. Interested speakers are invited to submit their proposals until August 30th.

The embedded world Conference is a long runner. With 226 presentations and 12 classes, it was again the largest event of its kind worldwide in 2019. Together with the embedded displays Conference, which took place at the same time, more than 2100 visitors attended.

Now the Call for Papers for 2020 is online. Proposals can be submitted until August 30th, 2019. Embedded developers from all over the world will meet at the embedded world Conference to present developments and exchange experiences. At the same time, the conference represents an important link between research and application, because employees from scientific institutions as well as from industry are represented here – both as speakers and listeners.

Connecting Embedded Intelligence

With the conference motto »Connecting Embedded Intelligence«, the conference continues to develop the motto of last year. »Embedded Intelligence« will keep the industry busy for years to come. However, intelligent systems do not work in isolation. They usually consist of a combination of sensors on the peripherals, edge devices and cloud services. What should not be overlooked here is that artificial intelligence and autonomous systems are also dependent on solid software development practices and processes and powerful and innovative hardware. The embedded world Conference therefore covers all aspects of the development and application of embedded systems.

What you should bear in mind when submitting a presentation: Not only the speakers, but also the audience are equally competent and eager to learn. They value technical depth and the sharing of know-how. When writing a presentation abstract, you should therefore make sure that the technical content of the presentation is expressed. Sales-oriented product presentations are taboo at the conference – they have their place in the exhibition halls, where more than 1100 exhibitors presented their products to more than 32,000 visitors this year.

In order to ensure the high quality of the presentations, all submissions will be reviewed by a programme committee. Each of the 35 members of the Programme Committee reviews the submissions of its area of expertise and submits an assessment. The areas of competence overlap so that the principle of multiple eyes is always guaranteed. In a second step, the Steering Board compiles the conference programme from the presentations judged suitable.

The entire conference will be held in English, with the following topics:

  • Internet of Things – Platforms & Applications
  • connected systems
  • Embedded OS
  • safety and security
  • hardware engineering
  • Software and Systems Engineering
  • Embedded Vision
  • Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
  • Embedded Graphics and HMI
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) Design & Development

The conference website www.embedded-world.eu provides further details on these topics. In addition to the lectures, which usually last 30 minutes, the so-called Classes will also take place again. These are half-day or full-day workshops in which a topic is dealt with in depth and interactively with the participants. Any lecturer interested in this format is also invited to submit proposals.

The deadline for submission of papers is August 30th. But beware: the summer holidays are in between. And their end always comes sooner than you think.