With a Long Range Students Build E-Bikes

Das Entwicklungsteam setzt sich aus 13 Maschinenbauern und einem Elektroingenieur der ETH sowie zwei Industriedesignern der ZHdK zusammen.

Students at ETH Zurich met the challenges of urban mobility with the "ethec" project. The result is an electric motorcycle with special battery technology.

ETH Zurich's annual focus projects offer students the opportunity to develop a product from the initial draft, through engineering, design, production, and marketing. The necessary knowledge is gathered through self-study, parallel to ongoing courses and through dialogue with partners from industry, supervisors, and professors. The "ethec" e-bike project is made up of 13 mechanical engineers, an electrical engineer from ETH, and two industrial designers from ZHdK.While braking, around 75% of the energy is applied to the front wheel and is lost in conventional motorcycles. Ethec installs a wheel hub motor in the front wheel that can be used to recuperate braking energy and achieve greater efficiency, safety, and driving pleasure. The rear wheel also has an electric motor.

The lithium-ion battery with its 1260 cells is kept at an ideal temperature by an innovative thermoelectric cooling system. The interaction of the Peltier element and the oil, which flows around all cells, creates a reliable and low-maintenance power source with an impressive longevity without loss of range. The total storage capacity is 15 kWh and allows a range of 400 km. 22 kW continuous power and up to 50 kW peak power are provided by the wheel hub motors and thus ensure a top speed of 135 km/h - the speed limit of the Swiss motorways is 120 km/h.