Advertising Socionext Remote Display Controller for Safer Applications

Socionext zeigt seine Smart Display-Controller für Remote-Display-Anwendungen auf der Embedded World.
Socionext is demonstrating its smart display controllers for remote display applications at Embedded World.

Integrating intelligent systems into automotive displays is one of the major challenges for vehicle manufacturers today. In order to address these challenges Socionext has introduced the next generation of highly integrated Smart Display Controllers for automotive remote display applications.

Socionext offers several options of Smart Display Controller dependent upon the requirements of the application. We will be presenting our paper on ‘Realizing Remote Displays for Safer Applications’ at Embedded World Exhibition in the Electronic Displays Conference on Wednesday 26th February at 13.15. This presentation will outline the variants and explain how the windows-based signature units help achieve safety goals and the Internal Command Sequence assists system integration. APIX3 high speed integrated video links up to 12Gbps, are part of our technology however, we can also offer generic interfaces such as OpenLDI, I2C and UART providing communication interfaces with other Deserializer devices. Video compression and encryption methods allow future-proof designs beyond 4K Ultra HD resolution as well as protection of high value content and SEERIS graphics processors ensure leading edge 2D graphics performances.

We will also be discussing how our latest devices will assist the Tier1 supplier to have a fully integrated intelligent automotive display that gives a safer driving environment. Our smart display controllers are specifically designed to provide all the necessary safety features to achieve ASIL-B certification, a key safety requirement.  We will feature a new Panel Interface Port which introduces the possibility for larger and wider panels, such as 8K x 1K, as well as enabling error detection on the source driver side. Plus, the combination of a Command Sequencer and a Brightness Detection Unit inside the video pipeline supports `Smart Local Dimming´ where display contents can be reduced which in turn means there is no requirement for a complicated logic or large frame buffer.

With this new generation of Remote Display Systems improved safety and security is assured as is scalability, development efficiency and more significantly the total BOM cost.

See also our live demo at Embedded World on Booth 3A-129.