Automotive Ethernet Sixth Automotive Ethernet Congress is Taking Place in February

Auf dem fünften Automotive Ethernet Congress haben sich rund 1.000 Teilnehmer, Aussteller und Referenten über den aktuellen Technik-Stand von Automotive Ethernet informiert. Nun steht der sechste Kongress in den Startlöchern.
At the fifth Automotive Ethernet Congress about 1,000 participants, exhibitors and speakers informed themselves about the current state of the art of Automotive Ethernet. Now the sixth congress is in the starting blocks.

In four weeks the sixth Automotive Ethernet Congress of Elektronik automotive will take place. On February 12 and 13 19 lectures including two keynotes and six workshops await the participants. An informative exhibition demonstrating current products will round off the program.

Connectivity, digitalisation and, last but not least, automated driving will completely change individual mobility. At the fifth Automotive Ethernet Congress last year, around 1,000 participants, exhibitors and speakers informed themselves about the current state of the art and discussed how and when the CAN ecosystem used to date can be abandoned. The goal: to implement a single vehicle network with Automotive Ethernet – instead of operating many technologies side by side.

But is only one technology really sufficient? In the context of CAN-XL and SerDes, Thomas Liebetrau and Dr. Tobias Islinger from Infineon will discuss this question in their presentation »Do we really need an all-IP car?« at the sixth Automotive Ethernet Congress on February 12 and 13, 2020. How Automotive Ethernet and SerDes can complement each other is demonstrated by Stefan Brunner and Claude Gauthier from the Automotive SerDes Alliance, founded in 2019.

»Automotive Ethernet yesterday, today, tomorrow« – that's what Natalie A. will talk about. Wienckowski from General Motors in her keynote. After all, Ethernet has been around for more than 40 years, but it only appeared in cars about 12 years ago.  What has changed to cause the sudden introduction of Ethernet in cars?  Where is Ethernet going in the vehicle?  The keynote will provide an overview of the enablers for Automotive Ethernet, an update on the current state of IVN technology, including active projects, suggestions on how participants can help drive Automotive Ethernet forward, and finally an outlook on what the future of Automotive Ethernet might look like.

Participate actively in workshops!

During the congress, participants will not only have the opportunity to listen to interesting presentations, but also to actively participate in exciting workshops. The topics range from

  • Automotive Ethernet and service-oriented E/E architectures,
  • Security for Ethernet E/E architectures,
  • Automotive Ethernet Layer 1 to Layer 7 test automation,
  • Automotive Ethernet switch training,
  • Automotive Ethernet debugging, compliance testing and switch latency measurements, and
  • From the cloud to the vehicle - application scenarios. This is a particular challenge because cars are becoming an integral part of an extended network from a manufacturer's back-end station to the vehicle itself. Ethernet plays an important role in facilitating and ensuring the operation of any connection to the cloud. In this workshop, use cases such as OTA updates, In Car/In Cloud Data Analytics and SDN will be discussed and considered from the perspective of data connectivity and security across the entire network chain.