Electromobility Schaeffler Manufactures Electric Motors

Schaeffler legt seine E-Motoren für Hybridmodule, Hybridgetriebe und reine Elektroantriebe mit Leistungen von 20 bis 300 kW aus.
Schaeffler designs its electric motors for hybrid modules, hybrid transmissions and purely electric drives with outputs of 15 to 300 kW.

With a modular technology platform, Schaeffler is entering the field of electric motor production. Series production is planned from 2021.

The application spectrum of the new electric motor family includes hybrid modules, dedicated hybrid transmissions (DHT), and electric motors for electric axle drives. They are designed for voltage levels between 48 and 800 V and power classes from 15 to over 300 kW. According to the company, series production for various customer projects will start worldwide in 2021. The worldwide Schaeffler network of production plants, special machinery and toolmaking is used to set up and operate the production lines.

At the IAA, Schaeffler presents the electric motors developed in-house and ready for series production as complete systems to the public for the first time. Elmotec-Statomat was purchased in 2018 to be able to develop electric motors. Now the company has mastered both the component side of transmission, electric motor and power electronics as well as the assembly to form a complete system and drive train. »We have both«, says Dr. Jochen Schröder, head of Schaeffler's e-mobility division.

Modular System for hybrid and pure Electric Vehicles

Schaeffler has developed a modular technology platform for production. It can be used to implement different electric motors. These include electric motors for P2 hybrid modules with 48 V and high-voltage motors with outputs from 15 to 120 kW, electric motors in dedicated hybrid drives with outputs between 80 kW and 140 kW, and electric motors for driving electric axes. This covers the voltage levels high voltage 2 (400V) and high voltage 3 (800V). The power range extends from 100 kW to over 300 kW.