Ford & EOS Rim Lock from the 3D printer

Ford uses 3D printing to produce custom rim locks.

These have a special shank geometry to prevent unauthorised persons from removing the tyres and/or rims. Depending on the country, there may be different reasons for attempting to steal the wheel rims: Either one wants to steal expensive rims; is after new tires where rim damage is irrelevant; or wants to sell the aluminum material as scrap.

Ford uses machines from Eos for the printing. With the help of a web-based configurator and 3D printing as a production technology, these rim locks can now be very individually designed to protect the wheels of a car from theft. The first step is to record the car owner's voice. The resulting visualized sound curve of the voice is then translated into a geometry that is then manufactured as part of the rim locks using 3D printing. These are unique to the owner of the car and can only be opened by a key that is also individualized. This further increases the security of the vehicles.