embedded world Conference 2019 Proceedings provides nearly 1.000 pages and more than 175 papers


Following the great success of the embedded world Conference 2019, the conference proceedings with more than 175 papers are now available in the WEKA web shop. It comprises almost 1,000 pages and is ideally suited as a reference work for embedded developers and engineers.

In 2019 the embedded world Conference closed with a new record number of presentations and convinced experts with an excellent program. With nearly 2,000 participants the conference was characterised by greater internationalisation again. The motto of the conference in 2019 was "Embedded Intelligence".

The 2019 programme was divided into ten conference clusters:  Internet of Things,  Connected Systems, Embedded OS, Safety & Security, Hardware Engineering, Software & Systems Engineering, Embedded Vision, Autonomous & Intelligent Systems, Embedded GUI & HMI and System-on-Chip.

Two of the high points of the embedded world Conference were two keynotes on the first and second days of the conference. This year’s keynote speakers were two first-class industry experts who approach embedded intelligence from very different angles: Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow, and Jean-Marc Chery, President and CEO of STMicroelectronics since May 2018.

On the first day of the conference, 26 February 2019, Jim Tung spoke about “Developing game-changing embedded intelligence”. In particular, he was focusing on how algorithmic expertise and domain-specific knowledge must be combined to maximize the added value created by systems and products. This global approach, in conjunction with dynamic changes in the market, presents developers with ever greater challenges.

On the second day of the conference, Jean-Marc Chery’s keynote was focusing on “Embedded intelligence for the next wave of smart systems – opportunities and challenges on the edge”. He was demonstrating the continued role of the embedded system in the field, on the edge. Not all data will be moved to the backend, to the cloud, but an optimal balance needs to be found between the computer, storage and communication resources.

In this proceedings you can read on nearly 1.000 pages the most exciting lectures of the embedded world Conference 2019. The quality of the more than 175 papers submitted will make this conference proceedings a valuable reference work for embedded developers and engineers well beyond 2019.

DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK would like to thank the speakers for submitting the corresponding papers.

The pictures below show the proceedings’ table of content.

The proceedings of the embedded world Conference 2019 itself can be obtained here.