Reward for Mobile Phone Waiver Prevent Accidents with Digital Currency

Dolphin will neben den Autofahrern Partner und Versicherungen einbinden, die den Versicherten günstige Angebote machen können, wenn sie sich entsprechend verhalten.
Dolphin wants to involve not only car drivers but also partners and insurance companies who can make the insured cheap offers if they behave accordingly.

Dolphin's Mobilio app rewards motorists who do without their mobile phones when driving.

When a message arrives, the mobile phone is accessed almost automatically. Incoming calls are also answered immediately, because it could be important. Actually no problem, unless you are driving a vehicle.

To fly over a message on the mobile phone at the wheel means 100 meters blind flight - often even an accident. For young people aged between 5 and 29, traffic accidents are the most common cause of death. In every fourth accident, the mobile phone plays a role and has thus become the number one cause of accident.

Traditional approaches such as traffic penalties have proved ineffective due to the deep-rooted psychological nature of the problem. Almost everyone automatically reaches for their mobile phone when a message arrives, even at the wheel. "The satisfaction of our curiosity by picking up the phone is directly linked to the reward system of our brain," explains Dr. Afshin Jawari, neurologist and examiner for neurology at the Berlin Medical Association, "This is precisely why we are relying on reward instead of punishment with the Mobilio App," says Harald Trautsch, CEO of Dolphin Technologies.

The focus is on the digital currency Mobilio token. The Mobilio tokens can be used on the so-called "Mobilio Marketplace", which Dolphin Technologies is currently setting up together with industrial partners. In the future, it will be possible to use the currency to pay for products and services of insurance companies, retailers and other marketplace participants. In addition, the token will be traded on Crypto Exchanges within the next few months, and will thus also gain value in the real world.

The Mobilio app is available for Android devices and iPhones. If you do not use your mobile phone when driving, you receive points that can be exchanged for Mobilio tokens via the app at the current exchange rate. The digital currency is designed in such a way that the more people use the app, the higher its value. "The vision that the Mobilio token could one day have a similar performance to Bitcoin and Co creates a strong incentive to travel safely," says Trautsch.

This method also ensures that the Mobilio token generates real value, namely road safety. Furthermore, easy access to the currency is important in order to make it accessible to a broad public: "Because this democratization has important effects on the future benefit and value of Mobilio".