Monitoring Cloud Services Performance Monitor for Public Cloud Applications

Die Erweiterung Hawkeye-Express ist ein Leistungsmonitor für Public-Cloud-Dienstleistungen.
The Hawkeye-Express extension is a performance monitor for public cloud services.

Outsourcing IT services to a public cloud platform always means loss of control. Of course, a network monitor does not give unrestricted system access, but it does allow condition monitoring of services and infrastructure. Troubleshooting is also possible.

Anyone who outsources online services to public cloud platforms is justifiably concerned about the accessibility and quality of the service. The former is usually contractually guaranteed, so that multiple redundant systems are now standard among providers.

However, availability alone is not enough. The application quality - primarily in the form of short loading times - should be consistently high. However, control of this is no longer in the hands of the company, but in the hands of the cloud provider. More and more companies are confronted with this loss of control, says Keysight's product manager Recep Ozdag.

Hawkeye Express

The network analysis and monitoring platform "Hawkeye" was developed within Keysight's Ixia Solutions Group. According to Keysight, the Hawkeye-Express extension now offers companies a tool for quality control of their public cloud providers.

In addition to a performance monitor for network and application performance, the functionality includes troubleshooting functions that allow users to access their cloud and WAN services. The network performance between different locations and the accessibility of access points is checked and logged. For performance analysis, software and hardware endpoints are used as injectors for network load and evaluated via benchmark systems.