German Flat Panel Display Forum Number of Members Increasing and More Events

Seit Januar 2015 hat sich die Mitgliederzahl des Deutschen Flachdisplay-Forums verdoppelt.
Since January 2015, the number of members of the German Flat Panel Display Forum has doubled.

The German Flat Panel Display Forum has an increasing number of members and will expand its activities. Additional workshops, trade fair appearances, and meetings are planned.

The German Flat Panel Display Forum (Deutsches Flachdisplay-Forum, DFF) had over 80 members in July 2018 (Fig. 1). This means that the number of members has risen by almost 30 percent within a year.

For DFF Chairman Prof. Dr. Karlheinz-Blankenbach, this growth is proof of the display industry's need for a professional network. Especially in the display area€, »through professional cooperation, developments could be used, costs could be saved and, above all, errors could be avoided€«.

At DFF, companies are represented along the entire value chain from material production to the user. Traditional activities include regular workshops, the organization of the German Pavilion at SID Displays Week in Los Angeles, and DFF conferences focusing on components, materials and applications. Since 2017, the latter have also been open to non-members.

Now the cross-industry exchange is to be expanded through additional trade fair participation and the expansion of DFF conferences. The events Automotive Displays in July and Embedded Systems in October are planned for this year. In the near future, an event in the area of troubleshooting on the display system could also be added. According to Prof. Dr. Blankenbach, DFF members are receiving more and more inquiries from this area.