5G in Germany Not with Huawei?

Recently it looked as if Huawei could participate in the 5G network development in Germany, now the Foreign Ministry says no.

According to Reuters, Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maaß, Huawei is dependent on the state and must pass on information to the state. For this reason, Huawei could not pass the confidence test, which was necessary in addition to the technical criteria.

According to what Heiko Maas has now announced, Huawei would have to be excluded from at least parts of the 5G build-up. The German Federal Network Agency had recently published a draft paper that lays down rules for the safe construction and operation of a network. According to the rules published there, Huawei would not have been generally excluded from 5G expansion in Germany.

On the other hand, the USA and the EU Commission have warned against letting Huawei participate in the 5G expansion, because then espionage would be feared. The SPD and the BDI had also criticized the draft paper.

All network operators in Germany purchase equipment to build Huawei's mobile network infrastructure, which has a global market share of 28 percent. Many devices are already working in the earlier network generations. For their part, the network operators have warned against excluding Huawei because the 5G expansion would then be much more expensive and delayed.