Miniaturization Trend New Production Facilities At Heitec

Neue Fertigungsanlagen bei Heitec in der Niederlassung in Eckental.

Heitec recently commissioned two new SMD placement systems at its branch in Eckental near Erlangen. Decisive criteria for the acquisition were increased throughput, flexibility and optimized integration into the supply chain.

With the two new automatic production machines, the maximum assembly capacity of the production line is to be almost doubled per hour. The assembly of SMD components up to a size of 0.4 × 0.2 mm2 is possible, which contributes to the ongoing trend towards miniaturization.

Automatic Material Posting

The placement head configuration enables the handling of a wide range of component sizes - different PCB transport heights and sizes can be served. In addition, the low-consumption line has SAP connectivity, combined with automatic material posting, which better links the production process with goods flow and added value. Features such as high-end digital camera systems, e-feeders, traceability down to component level, placement force control and component positioning using linear motors enable precision and control.

»With this modernization of the SMD system according to the latest criteria, we are very well set up for the future,« says Roland Chochoiek, Business Line Manager Electronics at Heitec. »This will enable us to respond even faster, more transparently and more precisely to customer preferences and offer them the best possible basis for shortening product launches and bringing their solutions to market in a tailor-made way.«