Student Contest »Solar Decathlon Europe« Modulares Minihaus »Mobble« Wins Several Awards

Mobble beim Finale des Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 in Ungarn.
Mobble at the finals of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 in Hungary.

Students of the Belgian University of Ghent have won several awards in the finals of the student competition »Solar Decathlon Europe« with their modular mini house »Mobble«. The house works with a Varta energy storage system and is powered solely by solar energy.

One of the major goals of the energy revolution in the building sector is the development of sustainable and energy-efficient houses. How this could work is shown by student teams participating in the international student competition »Solar Decathlon Europe«. For the technical-interdisciplinary competition, they have to design and build a house whose energy demand is covered solely by solar energy.

This year, the team of 16 architecture and engineering students from the University of Ghent won the competition: They built »Mobble«, a mini house that serves as a modular component for buildings. Mobble can be flexibly integrated into existing buildings and adapted to changing requirements. It can, for example, be used as a guest house or emergency accommodation on the roof of prefabricated buildings in need of renovation – it would also be conceivable to extend existing living space with the mini houses.

At the finale of the competition in Hungary, the project won four awards: first place in the engineering and construction category and three third places in the communication and social awareness, integration and impact of urban districts and energy balance categories.

The project was supported by the battery company Varta, among others. The company provided the team with a Varta pulse wall mounted storage device. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the small house produces energy from sunlight. The storage unit stores this electricity and makes it available even at night or at times when the sun is low.

With the plug-and-play principle, the wall-mounted storage tank is installed in 30 minutes and can be combined with other sources of green energy. The storage tank is suitable for everyone who wants to bundle high energy density in a single or two-family house - or in an even smaller room - to save space.