Mobile Robot Vehicles Mobile Industrial Robots Grows by 160 Percent

Der im Sommer 2018 eingeführte mobile Transportroboter MiR500 hat eine Traglast von 500 kg. Hier ist er auf der Messe Automatica 2018 zu sehen.
The MiR500 mobile transport robot introduced in the summer of 2018 has a payload of 500 kg. Here it can be seen at the Automatica 2018 trade fair.

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), manufacturer of autonomous mobile robot vehicles, has increased its turnover from 10 million euros in 2017 to 26 million euros in 2018. MiR aims to reach further companies with a leasing program in 2019 which is intended to enable further growth.

MiR cites the demand of major international customers and the success of the new MiR500 model as reasons for the high increase in sales. "The strong growth is largely due to the international clientele," explains Thomas Visti, CEO of MiR. "Many large, internationally active companies invest in entire fleets for their various locations. It can happen that some companies acquire 15 to 25 MiR robots at the same time." These include, for example, Toyota Motor Corporation, which invests in mobile robot fleets in order to optimize its internal logistics.

According to Visti, the market launch of the MiR500 model in the summer of 2018 also contributed to the increase in sales. The mobile transport robot has a payload of 500 kg and is also suitable for autonomous transport of heavy goods such as pallets.

In the current year, MiR plans to introduce a leasing program, among other things. "With our leasing concept, we also want to reach companies via external partners that have hitherto leased equipment such as electric forklift trucks and driverless transport systems," explains Thomas Visti. "The option to lease our solution lowers both the inhibition threshold and the initial investment required to switch to our collaborating autonomous mobile robots.

In addition to the product and service portfolio, the team at MiR is also developing: The workforce is expected to grow by 100 new employees this year. New branches are also planned in the USA, China, and Japan. According to Visti, MiR expects at least as much sales growth for the current year as for the previous one.