Safety and Security Kontron and Sysgo jointly develop Railway Computing Systems

SAFe-VX-System von Kontron.
Kontron's SAFe-VX-System.

With Kontron hardware and Sysgo software, the two partners want to offer a platform that lowers the barriers to certification required in the rail industry.

Kontron and Sysgo have jointly started the development of an integrated platform for safety-critical railway solutions based on Kontron's SAFe-VX hardware. The aim is to provide customers with a solid and flexible basis for certifiable application in trains and signalling. Kontron brings to the cooperation its proven COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) hardware, which is already used in many railway systems and has been certified up to SIL-4, the highest level of the IEC 61508 standard for functional safety of electronic systems. The SAFe-VX Kontron hardware platform will run under Sysgo's real-time operating system PikeOS, which is already used in EN 50128/SIL-4 certified systems, on both single and multi-core architectures. Additionally, PikeOS is the only real-time operating system with a separation kernel certified to EAL 3+ Common Criteria security standard to fulfil functional safety as well as security requirements on the same system.

Several railway application developers are already using PikeOS on the robust and proven Kontron hardware. Both Kontron and SYSGO offer certification kits with detailed product documentation.

Kontron and Sysgo have already identified several opportunities for autonomous train driving and rail signalling applications, where SAFe-VX vital processing platform is a perfect match. »Both Kontron and SYSGO have extensive experience with safety-critical and certifiable systems for the railway market,« says Markus Jastroch, Director Marketing Communication at SYSGO.