Toyota and Denso Joint Venture for Automotive ICs

Toyota und Denso haben ein Joint-Venturefür Halbleiter gegründet, dass 2020 an den Start gehen soll.

Toyota Motor Corporation and Denso form a joint venture to research and develop next-generation semiconductors.

A new generation of semiconductors is needed for the safe and sustainable mobility of the future, Toyota Motors said when setting up the joint venture: "They are an integral part of technological innovations such as networked and automated driving, car sharing models and electrification.

This is why Denso and Toyota decided in June 2018 to bundle the development and production of electronic components at Denso. On the basis of this agreement, both companies have worked on a fast and competitive process. With the new joint venture, Denso is now strengthening the research and development of semiconductors. The new company, which will start with a capital of 50 million yen (just under 410,000 euros), will, among other things, work on basic structures and processing methods for next-generation semiconductors and develop corresponding electronic components, including power modules for electric vehicles and automotive monitoring sensors.

To accelerate the work and bring in its own experience, Toyota is acquiring a 49 percent stake in the joint venture. As a result, the automotive group is involved in the development of modern semiconductors from the outset and can tackle technological innovations for its mobility services and vehicles at an early stage.

Subject to the approval of the authorities, the joint venture is scheduled to start operations in April 2020. Until then, the Japanese automotive group and the supplier will review the details.