Fujitsu Investments in Digitalisation and Human Resources

Dr. Joseph Reger (left) and Rupert Lehner, Fujitsu speak to the journalists on Fujitsu-Forum in Munich.
Dr. Joseph Reger (left) and Rupert Lehner, Fujitsu speak to the journalists on Fujitsu-Forum in Munich.

Under the slogan »Driving a Trusted Future«, the Fujitsu Forum is currently taking place at the Munich Trade Fair Centre. CTO Dr. Joseph Reger and the Sales Director for Europe, Rupert Lehner, answered questions in advance. They announced surprising details.

The digital transformation is progressing - also at Fujitsu. This has an impact on company structures and personnel. Rupert Lehner, Sales Director Europe, emphasizes that the Japanese IT company intends to strengthen its service and data center business in particular in the coming years.

Investments in personnel

Lehner announced the background to the plant closure in Augsburg: it should be completed by September 2020. The 350 employees who will remain at Fujitsu move into a new building in Augsburg's Toni Park. The motherboard business, which the embedded expert Kontron has taken over, is being rebuilt at its own location. Together with Kontron, the company is currently in the transition phase, which is proceeding smoothly, and some employees are switching to Kontron. Meenwhile, in the notebook business has been a cooperation with Lenovo since last year, named Fujitsu Client Computing Limited (FCCL). For FCCL, the company plans to set up a research center with 120 employees in the Augsburg area.

In order to be able to concentrate in the future particularly on the service and product business, one wants to win 200 new coworkers over a Recruitment program. The IT specialist also wants to intensify its cooperation with partners such as Microsoft and SAP. Start-ups will also enrich the Fujitsu ecosystem in the future. Furthermore, a Central Europe Academy is to be opened on 01.04.2020. Partners are universities such as the TU Munich and the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and universities of applied sciences, for example in Stuttgart.

Partner for the industry

From a technical point of view, the company sees itself as a digital incubator that wants to set itself up digitally, but also supports its customers in digitalisation. According to Dr. Joseph Reger, the company is currently setting up project groups in Germany to implement these projects. He sees good opportunities on the job market, as he receives 20 to 30 high-quality applications per position. Even though Germany is lagging behind in artificial intelligence (AI), he sees a good order situation ahead of him. Fujitsu sees himself as a strong partner for industry, particularly in the field of automation, for example blockchain technology. The focus is on medium-sized companies, where Reger sees a high customer potential.

Reger emphasized that when it comes to digitalisation, it is not necessarily research that is important, but simply trying something out and proactively tackling projects. Reger named the Port of Hamburg, BMW or Telekom as examples of project partners. For example, the carmaker is being helped to make its production faster and more environmentally friendly and to react correctly to new challenges such as e-mobility.