US Ban Infineon Supplies Huawei After All

Die Jahrespressekonferenz 2018 hielt Infineon wie gewohnt im Kubus auf dem Campeon in Neubiberg ab.

The Munich-based company does not see itself affected by the change in US export regulations.

"Currently, the vast majority of the products that Infineon supplies to Huawei are not subject to the legal restrictions of US export control. Infineon is reacting to reports that the company will no longer supply Huawei with chips.

Due to the new export regulations announced by the US Secretary of Commerce on May 16, Infineon says the following situation applies: "Infineon must stop supplying goods originating in the US because Huawei Technologies and Huawei's foreign subsidiaries have been included in the Entity List.

Some media have reported that Infineon has stopped supplying Huawei. "However, we cannot confirm this statement," Infineon has now stated in a statement. In all markets in which Infineon operates, the company strictly adheres to all applicable laws, regulations and laws. At the same time, Infineon does everything necessary to ensure that customer requirements are reliably met.

"We are using comprehensive mechanisms to monitor where regulatory frameworks in our respective markets could change, so that adjustments can be made in our international supply chain," the statement continues. "This will enable us to take efficient and proactive countermeasures when necessary to adapt our supply capability to demand wherever possible".