Bet on the Right RF-Horse Infineon Delivers 5 Billionth CMOS RF Switch

2008 hatte Infineon die Fertigung in Stückzahlen der CMOS-HF-Schalter aufgenommen. Inzwischen liefert das Unternehmen 1 Mrd. Stück pro Jahr.
Infineon started production of CMOS RF switches in 2008. The company now supplies 1 billion units per year.

Since 2008, Infineon has supplied a total of 5 billion CMOS RF switches, now supplying users with 1 billion of these components per year.

The 5G mobile phone era in particular is leading to a further increase in demand for RF switches. "Our profound system understanding in the RF front end sector, as well as the quality and delivery reliability have led to the acceptance of the technology in the wireless market," says Philipp von Schierstädt, Vice President and General Manager for Radio Frequency Systems at Infineon.  

Infineon started volume production ten years ago.  As von Schierstädt further explains: "Due to the relatively slow switching speeds, limited repeatability and reliability, MEMS are not suitable for future 5G applications.

In the meantime, progress in research has opened up further options for semiconductors. Compared to gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitrite (GaN), CMOS-based transistor-to-transistor logic offers the best possible integration. This allows space-saving designs on the printed circuit boards. In contrast to the other alternatives, the systems based on CMOS technology do not require an additional oxide layer in production. This reduces costs.

Due to the upcoming 5G telecommunication, OEMs and OMDs face further challenges in addition to the general industrial dynamics. For this purpose, Infineon develops new products that meet the high requirements of RF developers.
Infineon is already on the starting blocks with its latest generation. Samples are already available, the volume production of the new components BGSX22G5A10 and BGSX33MA16 for antenna swapping will start in late summer 2018, so that users can look forward to efficient RF switches available on time.