IBM Watson and Arrow How the Airport Gets Smart

At the IoT Watson Center in Munich, companies work together with IBM Watson on smart projects.

With the help of the Smart Airport Asset Management solution from Arrow and IBM, airports are to become smart.

The solution consists of sensors and gateways designed by Arrow, the IBM Watson IoT platform and the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management software. Airport operators will gain better insight into operational processes. The aim is to optimize plant maintenance and avoid downtimes.

The Smart Airport Asset Management solution uses sensors attached to motors or other moving parts of escalators, moving walks and baggage handling systems to measure data such as temperature, vibration and fluid levels. In addition, sensors on drinking water systems check the functionality of open/closed doors, water flow and leaks by recording temperature and data. This can eliminate common operational problems.

Data is collected from sensors connected to wireless gateways and then aggregated and analyzed on the IBM Watson IoT platform. With the IBM Maximo portfolio, more efficient asset management processes are established, and the collected data is used to optimize workflows and resource allocation. In addition, data is available for assessing the condition of technical infrastructures, which can be used for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.   

"By leveraging data and analysis, this end-to-end IoT solution enables airport operators to control the performance of critical assets that have a direct impact on customer satisfaction," said Adriana Robinson, vice president, IBM Watson IoT. "This enables maintenance teams to identify potential equipment failures and integrate proactive maintenance activities. The IoT solution is available through Arrow, its business partners and IBM.