The Smartphone as Beamer Green Laser for Razor-Sharp Projections

RGB-Laserprojektion vom Smartphone: Je heller der grüne Laser auf eine Fläche strahlt, desto heller und kräftiger erscheint dem Betrachter das projizierte Bild.
RGB laser projection from a smartphone: The brighter the green laser shines on a surface, the brighter and more powerful the projected image appears to the viewer.

Green lasers for beamer applications must not only have a high beam characteristic, but must also provide high optical power in order to display images sharply and brightly. This is where Osram's new component comes in.

Although a projector also requires red and blue lasers, green is the decisive color in RGB solutions - but it is also the color with the highest hurdles in production. With the new PLT3 520D, Osram now offers 140 mW at 300 mA in pulsed operation (duty cycle 50 %), an unprecedented high output for a green single-mode laser. Until now, the performance limit of these components was 80 mW. In addition, the efficiency of the laser could be increased to typically 8 %.

Thanks to these improvements, it is now also possible to transform the smartphone into a small cinema projector. The display of the device's small display can thus be enlarged many times over. A further advantage of the diode is the compact and space-saving TO38 metal housing with a diameter of just 3.8 mm. The laser diode with a wavelength of 520 nm has been specially developed for laser projection applications that use a MEMS scanner as an imaging device.