Industrial Touch-Displays German Supplier Increases Production in China

Auf Wachstumskurs: Der deutsche Anbieter für industrielle Touch-Displays plant für 2019 den Ausbau des Fertigungsstandorts in China von 70 auf 500 Mitarbeiter.
On course for growth: The German supplier of industrial touch displays plans to expand its production site in China from 70 to 500 employees in 2019.

The demand for industrial touch displays is high. The German supplier Faytech from Witzenhausen is currently significantly expanding its production in China - around 430 new employees are to be hired in the current year.

This will increase the number of employees at the site from the current 70 to around 500. The expansion of production has already begun. In December 2018, a new plant with a total area of 15,000 m² was opened. Here an automated optical bonding line for large-format displays is gradually being built.

The production volume will initially amount to 2,000 units per month and will be successively increased to 10,000 after the Chinese New Year. The plant is part of the Suining Europe-America Industrial Park (EAIP) in Sichuan Province.

Faytech is opening a new chapter with the commissioning of the plant, says founder Arne Weber. €»The production facility will enable us to sustainably meet the rising demand for our innovative product solutions and continue our profitable growth course«.

Since 2010 Faytech has been producing with its own plant in China and expanded its distribution to an international level in 2011. Since 2012, the company has had a development cooperation with Asus. Meanwhile Faytech manufactures complete large-format capacitive touch PCs inhouse and has set up series production for optically bonded displays in 86 inch format.