High-resolution IR Camera Gas Detection in HD

Vierfache Pixelanzahl gegenüber den Vorgängermodellen: die Flir GF620
Four times the number of pixels compared to previous models: the Flir GF620

Flir Systems has introduced its first portable optical gas detection camera (OGI) with HD resolution.

Designed to detect and visualize invisible hydrocarbon leaks such as methane and other common volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the FLIR GF620 with its HD resolution offers four times the number of pixels compared to previous models. This allows users to detect volatile hydrocarbon emissions from greater and safer distances than with lower resolution OGI cameras.

The GF620 camera is equipped with a 640 x 480 pixel resolution infrared detector and is calibrated for temperature measurements. This allows users to achieve optimum thermal contrast between the gas and the background area and adjust it to improve visibility. The GF620 is also equipped with the High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) developed by Flir. This highlights gas plume movements on the image so that they can be better seen in low-contrast areas.

In addition, the GF620 is the first OGI camera to feature Q mode, an automatic preset that allows the optional Providence Photonics QL320 gas quantification system to be set up and used more efficiently. This system quantifies hydrocarbon leaks with mass or volume measurements and highlights emissions in color for better assessment. The GF620's Q mode optimizes the workflow from camera to QL320 software. This allows users to download a video from the site and post-process the footage. In addition, maintenance teams can use the temperature measurement feature to check electrical and mechanical components for signs of wear or potential defects.