dSpace Extended Range of Radar Test Solutions

Through an exclusive partnership with the radar specialists miro-sys and ITS, dSpace will offer a new product portfolio for the entire value chain from chip manufacturing to testing radar-based driver assistance systems.

ITS and miro-sys are specialized in the development of test systems for radar sensors, in which "over-the-air" dynamic radar echoes are simulated. dSpace will distribute these systems worldwide and integrate them into its own portfolio. In addition, the companies will enter into a development cooperation, which also includes the acquisition of intellectual property (IP) by dSpace. The new product family includes products for the entire value chain, from sensor testing at chip manufacturers to hardware-in-the-loop protection and end-of-line testing at automotive manufacturers. There are also applications for the new products in homologation and in the aftermarket.

dSpace will market the solutions for the testing of radar sensors under the product name dSpace Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS). The Test Systems product family consists of solutions for a variety of applications: From mobile handheld devices to systems for the laboratory bench and racks, systems in various designs are available for test applications in production halls or development laboratories. The range is supplemented by solutions for stand-alone operation or complex radar test solutions that can be used in closed-loop operation together with further simulators and test automation. The systems are modular, scalable, and fully configurable via software. For example, the number of echoes to be simulated, the detection zones, the sizes of the objects to be detected, or the Doppler frequencies can be varied. Additional high-level functions, such as immunity determinations (standard interferer), characterization of the radar sensor (power, frequency stability, bandwidth, chirp parameters), test scenarios based on Euro NCAP, extend the scope of application.

The stand-alone systems now exclusively available from dSpace have already been used for two years in dSpace's mechatronic radar test benches.