LoRa Alliance Explosive Growth

Aktuell sind über 100 LoRa-Netze in mehr als 100 Ländern in Betrieb.
More than 100 LoRa networks are currently in operation in more than 100 countries.

More than 100 network operators have installed public and private LoRa networks in 2018. The number of networked terminal devices has tripled.

"This shows how strongly the acceptance of LoRa has accelerated," says Donna Moore, CEO of the LoRa Alliance. In the Asia-Pacific region, the LoRaWAN networks grew by 30 percent last year, in Europe even by 50 percent.

This is mainly due to the high flexibility of the LoRa networks: both public and private networks can be implemented; the LoRa Alliance regards that as one of the main differentiating features compared to other LPWAN technologies. In addition, the firmware in LoRaWAN networks can be constantly updated via over-the-air updates. A robust certification procedure leads to reliable interoperability.

In Germany, Minol ZENNER Connect operates one of the largest indoor networks that uses the LoRaWAN protocol for submetering, for example for heat billing and smoke detectors.

The company was recently founded with the aim of supporting various industries in the digitization process with consulting, planning, and operation of IoT networks. In particular, Minol ZENNER Connect is committed to building LoRaWAN networks - from planning and commissioning to network operation, including all obligations to the Federal Network Agency.

"In contrast to our European neighbors, there is no LoRaWAN provider in Germany that is active nationwide and has a nationwide network. The further the digital transformation progresses, the stronger the demand for such a network operator will grow," says Marcus Kirchdörfer, who heads Minol ZENNER Connect together with Dr. Hartmut Ritter. The new company plans to cooperate with customers and other network operators in order to link the individual LoRaWAN infrastructures. Roaming partnerships should enable the parties involved to use each other's networks for their own customers.