“electronica experience” in Hall C6 Experience electronics, make a career

The new “electronica experience” aims to arouse curiosity. For this purpose, it combines experience with information and career. The focus is on exciting live demos and applications from potential employers. Where? In the new Hall C6.

This year, electronica is making the entire, newly built Hall C6 available to inspire enthusiasm for electronics and thus network talented people with companies in the industry.

The Job Area provides an overview of job offers for graduates and experienced professionals as well as internships for students. You can get to know potential employers directly at the trade fair. So far, that’s normal. However, the “electronica experience” concept is brand new: Experience electronics and get to know potential employers – both of which are organized in the newly built Hall C6 at the Munich exhibition grounds. According to the trade fair organizers, candidates rely heavily on their gut feelings and emotions when deciding on an employer. Therefore, employers and their products must be made appealing. Applicants can look forward to live demos of product applications as well as being able to learn about “cool” products and the employers where these products can be developed.

The aim here is for employers to promote their image, credibility and competitiveness, and thus triple their score in the “war for talent”. With peer2peer communication, employees act as representatives of their employer’s brand. This is ultimately more authentic than any ad campaign or headhunter. The trade fair organizers advise employers to use apprentices, trainees and employees as ambassadors and testimonials at their experience booth.

“electronica experience” is largely defined by six elements in perfect cooperation. The architectural center is the discovery stage. Including the interior and visitor galleries, the stage segment measures over 65 feet (20 meters) in diameter.

The first ring around the discovery stage is the Panorama Walk, which connects the four entrances to the stage area and is also where the experience cafe is located. Exhibitor booths are arranged around the discovery stage.

The supporting program includes information on old and new job profiles, and employer portraits. The visitors themselves play an active role in workshops and tech slams; they will be inspired and gain knowledge. Starting Wednesday, November 14, there will be presentations on stage on technical, career choice-related and entertaining topics. Details of the supporting program will be available at www.electronica.de/messe/programm/talent-meets-industry.

Makers and start-ups get their platform under the umbrella of “electronica Fast Forward”. They can present ideas, prototypes, products or services in pitches, demonstrations and personal conversations. This year, the start-up-platform of 2016 will become the start-up-week, with its own forum program and with the support of experienced consultants. The “electronica Fast Forward Award”, which reflects the electronica 2018 highlight topics of Automotive, Embedded, Artificial Intelligence, Solid State Lighting/LED, Smart Grid/Smart Energy, Industrial IoT, Electronics in Medical and Healthcare (including Wearables), and Cyber Security, can be won at the end. The forum program has been significantly extended and is aimed at both start-ups and the established industry alike. The range of workshops and networking opportunities has also been expanded.

The start-up winner will receive a marketing package and an exhibition booth at electronica 2020.