Production Takeover Erni D-Sub Portfolio Now Available from Provertha

Die Erni-Produktfamilie ergänzt die umfangreiche D-Sub-Linie von Provertha.
The Erni product family complements Provertha's extensive D-Sub line.

As Erni will no longer produce its D-Sub/TMC connectors, the company has reached an agreement with Provertha. In the future, Provertha Connectors will manufacture the connectors and distribute them under the same article numbers.

As part of its strategic orientation, Erni removed its D-Sub product portfolio from the product range in mid-2018. This means that the D-Sub/TMC connectors with 9 to 50 pins and various versions will in future only be available from Provertha.

Article Numbers Remain Unchanged

In order to ensure the availability of the products for current and future designs, the two companies have entered into an agreement to this effect. Provertha will continue the production of all existing Erni D-Sub products and in this context will also take over the corresponding machines and tools. Customers can now order from Provertha using the existing Erni article numbers.