Aerial Repair Drones Plug Potholes

Spezialdrohnen sollen Straßenschäden automatisch finden und mit Hilfe eines 3D-Drucker gleich beheben.
Special drones should automatically detect road damage and immediately repair it with the help of a 3D printer.

Scientists in the UK are developing special drones that repair potholes on the road.

The drones will automatically detect road damage with the help of cameras and immediately repair it with a kind of 3D printer. The drone closes the pothole.

"Detect and patch" is the name of the project at the University of Leeds. The participating researchers want to create unobtrusive and inexpensive alternatives to complex road construction works that do not disrupt traffic and are cheaper for the authorities. However, the technology is still more of a concept, even if a drone has already been introduced.

However, the pothole drones are only one part of a larger robot program designed to help cities repair themselves. Other planned drones are to detect damage such as broken street lamps from a bird's eye view. Further robots could control and repair pipelines in the future.