IC Market 2019 DRAMs in 1st Place Despite Severe Losses

Die größten IC-Produktsegmente im Jahr 2019, wie IC Insights sie im Update des McClean-Reports 2019 prognostiziert.

DRAMs remain the largest sector within the semiconductor market - despite their 38 percent drop this year.

From 99.4 billion dollars last year, sales of DRAMs will fall to 62 billion dollars this year, IC Insights predicts. This will give it a 17 percent share of the total market, which is expected to reach 357.7 billion dollars this year. In 2018, the DRAM share was still 23.6 percent. The turnover with NAND flash ICs will drop by 32 percent to 40.6 billion dollars and slide from second place to third place - behind the processors for servers and PCs.

Over the past decade, DRAM sales in the total semiconductor market have been 14 to 16 percent, and NAND flash IC sales 11 to 12 percent. However, due to the shortage in the memory sector, prices in both segments had risen sharply in 2017 and 2018. For the first time in the 1990s, DRAMs were able to pass processors in 2018.  

With growth of 11 percent last year, processors for use in traditional PCs, servers and embedded systems achieved record sales of 53.8 billion dollars according to IC Insights. One reason: In 2018, PCs grew for the first time in five years. The growing demand from the server sector did the rest.

For this year, however, market analysts predict a decline of 2.5 percent in this sector. This would be due to the restrained global demand and the uncertainties resulting from the trade war between the USA and China. In addition, inventories had built up last year.

Measured in units, analog components will account for a total share of 55 percent of the total market of 301.4 billion units in 2019. Power management ICs alone account for 21 percent of the total market. Application-specific analog ICs for automotive and industrial applications will grow by 9 percent this year, even if the number of analog ICs is expected to fall by a total of 5 percent.