Vodafone and IoT Venture Digital NB-IoT Theft Protection for E-Bikes

Vodafone und IoT Venture bringen den digitalen Diebstahlschutz für E-Bikes nach Deutschland.
Vodafone und IoT Venture bringen den digitalen Diebstahlschutz für E-Bikes nach Deutschland.

Vodafone and IoT Venture launch the first retrofittable anti-theft device for e-bikes on the German market.

From now on, owners can have their electric bikes retrofitted with "It's my Bike". The digital theft protection is sold and installed directly on site by all 1,000 bicycle dealers of ZEG (Fahrrad Einkaufs Gesellschaft) throughout Germany. It only takes a few minutes to assemble the tracker - no matter how new or old an e-bike is and which model it is. The installation of the hardware and the five-year use of the digital theft protection as well as the corresponding app cost a one-time fee of 249 euros. For the first time, all information between e-bike and smartphone is not transmitted in the conventional mobile network but in Vodafone's Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT).
"Our infrastructure for the Internet of Things now covers 95 percent of Germany. We are now making life difficult for bicycle thieves all over the country," says Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany. "In this way, bicycles can be located and, because they can react so quickly, can also be procured again," adds Jürgen Veith, CEO of IoT Venture.
Invisible and noiseless
The specialist dealers install the digital theft protection under the engine cover. From here, all data is transmitted via NB-IoT directly to the owner's smartphone. The tracker is not visible to third parties and works silently. Once the hardware has been installed, owners can use the "It's my Bike" app to see where the e-bike is at any time.
If an e-bike is stolen, the owner can inform the local police about the theft with one click, in addition to the recommended telephone contact from the app. In this way, the owner can not only see for himself the current location of the stolen e-bike. The police will also have access to the position of the electric bicycle in order to find the thief.
Value of stolen bikes increases
Digital theft protection is urgently needed on the streets, as current police crime statistics show: In Germany, a total of around 300,000 thefts of bicycles are reported annually. Because bicycle thefts are often not reported, an even higher number of unreported cases can be assumed. Expensive bicycles, which often include e-bikes, are particularly popular with thieves: ten years ago, the average compensation for a stolen, insured bicycle was 370 euros. Last year it was 70 percent more.