Kontron Development Kit with Raspberry Pi Module

Kontron offers a development board for industrial Raspberry Pi projects. The main element is an »RPi Compute Module 3 Lite«.

The development board contains a »Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite« as well as an SD Card with a pre-configured Raspbian operating system. »Lite« means that the compute module has no flash memory; the SD card slot is available on the development board. The original Computer Module 3 is equipped with 4 GB soldered on flash memory.

The compute module was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with industrial applications in mind. According to Kontron, the platform is already certified for use in healthcare.

In addition to USB and Ethernet with 10/100 Mbit/s, the system also has serial interfaces according to RS 232 and RS 485 as well as a CAN fieldbus interface. Displays can be controlled via HDMI, LVDS, or DSI with four lanes. Additionally,  the Raspberry-typical PiHat Connector, a 1-wire interface for connecting simple sensors, a smart card reader with SIM card holder, and camera interfaces are included. For a quick start, the board also has 24 V inputs and outputs as well as analog inputs and outputs.

If you want to develop a series product with the development kit, you can have it manufactured by Kontron. Kontron contributes its experience from the manufacture of boards and modules for industry and ensures that individually manufactured series products also meet industry standards and meet the demanding conditions in harsh industrial environments.