Plessey Semiconductors CEO Michael LeGoff Resigns Surprisingly

Hauptsitz des britischen Technologie-Unternehmens Plessey in Plymouth. Die Schwerpunkte liegen auf Halbleiter-Produktionstechnik und Optoelektronik.
Headquarters of the British technology company Plessey in Plymouth. The focus is on semiconductor production technology and optoelectronics.

Effective immediately, Michael LeGroff is resigning from his position as Managing Director of Plessey and will leave the company in a short time. So far, the company has not given any reasons for the surprising resignation after almost ten years in office.

Michael LeGoff has been Managing Director since 2009 and in recent years has focused the company's market orientation on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Investments were made into efficient manufacturing processes for MicroLED displays. The strategy seems to be working: Last month, a partnership was signed with US-based technology provider Vizix, which will employ Plessey technology in the next generation of its data glasses.

LeGoffs resignation in the current phase and with immediate effect comes at a surprise Also in the official company announcement, no reasons were mentioned, but the continuation of the strategic orientation towards the AR and VR market was placed in the foreground.

Affect on Plymouth Science Park

The company is currently managed by the former Commercial Director Iain Silvester and the Chief Technology Officer Dr. Keith Strickland. They were jointly appointed as deputy managing directors.

The change of personnel will also likely have an affect on the nearby Plymouth Science Park (PSP). Since October 2017, LeGoff has been chairman of the research cluster, which is largely co-financed by Plessey and which provides around 1,000 jobs in the region.