Robotics Bosch Rexroth Clears up the Football Turf

Mobile Roboter räumen des Fußballrasen weg und bringen ihn in Wachstumskammern.
Mobile robots remove the football turf and take it to growth chambers.

The World Cup is over and soccer is taking a break - at least in some stadiums. The players are on holiday, the fans are wearing everyday clothes again. What happens in the big arenas now?

Mostly nothing, everything is empty and quiet. Why? Because the risk of further damaging the already heavily stressed lawn is too high. This could soon change all over the world: StadiaPitch is the project that can automatically remove the lawn between games. The party can continue on the field below. In this way, the stadium can be used for other purposes during the »lawn-friendly season«. The 192 seamlessly laid lawn segments are stored in climate-controlled growth chambers with the help of Bosch Rexroth drive and control technology, among other things. The best prerequisites for a long lasting ideal lawn condition.

A YouTube video shows how it works: