SEMI Award Honors STMicroelectronics and TU Delft

Die Teilnahmefrist für den 2. Stevie Award for Great Employers läuft noch bis zum 5. Juni 2017.
European SEMI Award Honors STMicroelectronics and TU Delft.

SEMI announced recipients of the 2018 European SEMI Award at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium Europe (ISS Europe 2019), recognizing their seminal work in the field of power technology, digital front-end manufacturing and lithography.

SEMI is convinced the award winners’ pioneering research and collaboration with academia and industry led to major advances in semiconductor technologies.
»The European SEMI Award recognizes key players in the global manufacturing supply chain for their leadership excellence and strategic contributions that led to critical advances in our industry,« said Laith Altimime, president of SEMI Europe.
This year this two people were honored:

  • Joël Hartmann, executive vice president of STMicroelectronics, Digital & Smart Power Technology and Digital Front-End Manufacturing. He manages ST’s manufacturing operations in Crolles and Rousset, France, Technology and Design Platforms for the Company’s digital products. Hartmann sits on the Board of the SOI Industry Consortium Initiative and is a member of the IEEE Electron Device Society. In 2017, he became a member of the French Académie des Technologies. Hartmann has filed 15 patents on semiconductor technology and devices and authored 10 publications in this field.
  • Mart Graef, strategic program manager, TU Delft. In this position, he developed technology partnerships with companies, institutes and universities, often within the framework of national and European cooperative projects. Since 1990, he has helped define and manage pan-European public-private collaborative programs, such as JESSI, MEDEA+, CATRENE, ENIAC and ECSEL. Graef participates in initiatives aimed at defining strategies and technology roadmaps in nanoelectronics, such as the European Strategic Research Agenda for Electronic Components and Systems (SRA-ECS), and is a member of the International Roadmap Committee, which guides the International Roadmap for Devices and Components (IRDS).

The European SEMI Award, established nearly 30 years ago, recognizes individuals and teams who make significant contributions to the European semiconductor, microsystems, photovoltaic or display manufacturing industries for at least three years. Recipients are either an originator of or contributor to significant semiconductor technology enhancements and their market adoption.