CES Autonomous Shuttle from Daimler and Bosch

Ein lichtdurchflutetes, reduziertes Design, eine futuristische Außenhülle aus Bildschirmen und Glas und ein großzügiges Raumgefühl.
At CES, Bosch and Daimler showcased an autonomous electric shuttle.

At the electronics fair CES in Las Vegas, Bosch presented a new concept shuttle as a "world premiere". Markus Heyn, member of the Bosch board of management, said that such vehicles would shape the streetscape in many metropolises from 2020.

With the concept car, Bosch not only wants to demonstrate the sensors and other electronic components that Bosch can provide for the production of autonomous cars. At CES, the company will also present a complete range of mobility services - for example, for booking vehicles or finding a parking space. "The concept contributes to our vision of mobility that is as emission-free, accident-free, and stress-free as possible," said Heyns on Monday.

As one of the world's leading automotive suppliers, Bosch is currently undergoing a far-reaching transformation process. For example, the diesel crisis has cost jobs at Bosch plants in Homburg, Saarland and Bamberg, Bavaria. At the same time, the technology group is trying to develop new fields of business.

At CES, Bosch also emphasized the business potential of networking smart objects. Bosch has realized more than 270 IoT projects in areas such as mobility, smart homes, smart cities, and agriculture via its own IoT cloud. The number of sensors and devices networked via the Bosch IoT Suite increased by almost 40 percent over the previous year to 8.5 million.

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Bosch stellt autonomes Shuttle vor

Zusammen mit Daimler präsentiert Bosch auf der CES 2019 ein autonom fahrendes, elektrisches Konzept-Shuttle.

Partnerships and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Markus Heyn said that nobody could meet the challenges of comprehensive networking and intelligent mobility alone. Bosch is therefore entering into partnerships with established vehicle manufacturers such as Daimler, on the one hand, and with new players such as Tesla and Byton, on the other. In addition, all Bosch products are to be based on artificial intelligence within the next ten years.

Together with Daimler, Bosch is presenting an autonomously moving electric concept shuttle at CES 2019.