Emergent / Framos Area and Line Scan Cameras with 25 GigE Interface

Mit den Flächenkameras der Serie »Bolt« und die Zeilenkameras der Baureihe »Accel« hat EVT die 25GigE-Schnittstelle in den Bildverarbeitungs-Markt eingeführt.
EVT has introduced the 25 GigE interface to the image processing market with the "Bolt" series of area scan cameras and the "Accel" series of line scan cameras.

The "Bolt" series area scan cameras and the "Accel" series line scan cameras are equipped with a 25GigE interface - according to Emergent Vision Technologies (EVT) the world's first.

EVT has been offering cameras with GigE-Vision and GenICam compatible 10GigE interfaces for some time. Now the Canadian company goes one step further: Its 25 GigE cameras, which are also GigE Vision and GenICam compatible, achieve a nominal transmission rate 2.5 times higher than the 10GigE versions - 25 Gbps or 3.125 GBps. Even when using particularly high-resolution image sensors, they achieve considerable transmission speeds: The "Bolt HB-50000" version with the CMOS image sensor CMV50000 from CMOSIS achieves 30 frames/s at 7920 x 6004 pixels (47.55 MPixel) image sensor resolution, the "Bolt HB-12000" version with the CMV12000 achieves 188 frames/s at 4096 x 3072 pixels (12.6 MPixel) image sensor resolution. Otherwise such frame rates can only be realized in a more complex way with CoaXPress (with four cables) and CameraLink HS (from two cables). The use of SFP28 fiber optic cables and step-up transceivers allows cable lengths of up to 10 km.

EVT names production lines, robot cages, unmanned aerial vehicles, and the surveillance of sports stadiums as applications. To reduce CPU usage, the company offers dedicated network cards to manage video triggering and streaming. Camera data is processed directly on the card for smooth integration and operation of 25GigE image processing. The CPU utilization remains below 5 percent; the free CPU capacity is available for other data and information processing tasks. The 25GigE interface provides network support and synchronization via IEEE1588.

The cameras are available from value-added distributor Framos in Taufkirchen near Munich, among others. Framos supports customers in integrating the cameras into their applications and projects. The company also offers complementary services such as development support, customer-specific adaptations, and logistics.