Friedhelm Loh / Bosch Connected Industry All-in-One Solution for Edge Cloud Computing

Die skalierbare Edge Cloud Lösung für die Produktion
Flexibel skalierbar ist die Industrial-Edge-Cloud-Lösung »Oncite«.

Three members of the Friedhelm Loh Group - Rittal, German Edge Cloud and IoTOS - presented a scalable edge cloud solution together with Bosch Connected Industry. The aim is to make it easier for companies to derive concrete added value from their production data.

The real-time industrial edge cloud solution "Oncite" is based on flexibly scalable edge cloud data centers from Rittal and German Edge Cloud, on platforms for data analysis and on industry-specific AI applications including full service. IoTOS, which was recently integrated into the Friedhelm Loh Group, offers software solutions for networking devices and machines, for real-time analytics and for the traceability of all components in the supply chain. The Edge Cloud data centers are located at the users' premises in the factory, so that the data can be recorded, stored, processed and evaluated in a timely and local manner.

"By keeping all collected data in place, the user retains full control and decides whether and how to transfer the processed data to the various digital production platforms of OEMs and top tier suppliers," explains Dr. Sebastian Ritz, Managing Director of German Edge Cloud. "Data storage and the exchange of production-relevant information with customers and suppliers can take place via IoT platforms such as SupplyOn or Mindsphere from Siemens while maintaining data sovereignty.
The Edge Cloud system can capture machine mass data and harmonize it across machines so that production optimizations can be applied on an AI basis. The Edge technology, which processes the data directly at its point of origin, enables minimum latency times - important for the implementation of many industry 4.0 and IIoT applications.

The industrial applications provided by Bosch Connected Industry, German Edge Cloud, IoTOS and Rittal can be used for both defined and process-specific requirements. "With 'Oncite', the operator has a solution very quickly and significantly lower costs for integration into the existing internal factory IT landscape and subsequent ongoing operation," explains Sebastian Ritz. "If the requirements grow, additional services and computer performance can be quickly integrated or added. The solution is offered including scalable edge cloud IT infrastructure, an open IIoT platform as well as off-edge cloud usage and full service".