Bundesliga Brings Amazon on Board AI to Predict Goal Probability

In future, the German Bundesliga will work together with Amazon Web Services as the official technology provider. Among other things, AWS services for artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used.

AWS's analysis, data processing, databases and storage will also be used to provide real-time statistics to predict moves and results. The aim is to provide fans with even deeper insights into the live transmission of Bundesliga matches and to offer them a very personal fan experience.

In addition, personalised recommendations for further material relating to a match can be given, either mobile or online, via streaming platforms or television.

Using AWS' technology, Germany's Bundesliga will develop new cloud-based services to automate processes, make operations more efficient and further improve the viewer experience for the rapidly growing global Bundesliga fan base.

To this end, a new statistics platform based on Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service for creating, training and providing ML models, will be developed. This will enable Bundesliga fans to predict in real time when a goal is likely to be scored, identify potential scoring opportunities and show how teams are positioned on the pitch and who is in control of the game. Live data as well as historical information from over 10,000 Bundesliga matches serve as the basis. The Bundesliga also plans to use other AWS ML services, including Amazon Personalize, to provide real-time personalized recommendations and alert fans to personalized match materials, marketing campaigns and search results for their favorite team or players and matches.

The Bundesliga will build a cloud-based media archive using other AWS ML services, such as the intelligent image and video analysis service Amazon Recognition. This will automatically provide certain frames from the more than 150,000 hours of video with metadata such as game, jersey, player, team and venue. This allows the league to easily search through footage of past games and to select key scenes for in-game broadcasts in more than 200 countries. The archive will enable the Bundesliga to automate the current manual process of searching and tagging match highlights.