Monitoring for Industry 4.0 ADI takes over Spanish Test Motors

Analog Devices kauft Test Motors und erweitert damit sein Angebot an zustandsbasierten Überwachungslösungen für Industrie 4.0.
Analog Devices acquires Test Motors, expanding its range of condition-based monitoring solutions for industry 4.0.

With the purchase of Test Motors, Analog Devices expands its system competence in condition-based monitoring of industrial plants.

Norwood, Massachusetts-based semiconductor manufacturer Analog Devices (ADI) has announced the acquisition of Test Motors. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company specializes in the predictive maintenance of electric motors and generators and is a provider of products and services that detect faults in electric motors before they can adversely affect production cycles. In addition, there are suggestions as to how and when the faults should be rectified. This acquisition expands ADI's portfolio of condition-based monitoring solutions that identify equipment failures before they cause downtime and catastrophic failures.
The acquisition builds on the 2018 acquisition of OtoSense by Analog Devices. This start-up company developed "sensing interpretation software" with the ability to learn and detect sounds or vibrations and identify potential problems in a machine or car before they become serious. OtoSense's AI platform specializing in Sensing Interpretation enables monitoring of any equipment, regardless of its location. ADI now wants to combine OtoSense software with Test Motors' monitoring capabilities to create an extended, holistic snapshot of machine condition by covering a wider range of potential failures.
»Machine maintenance relies heavily on experienced technicians and engineers able to detect and diagnose issues that can lead to unplanned downtime,« said Kevin Carlin, vice president of the Automation and Energy Group at Analog Devices. »There are not enough trained professionals, however, to keep up with the demand as the number of machines to maintain rapidly grows. ADI’s condition-based monitoring applications, driven by the acquisitions of Test Motors and OtoSense, will tackle this expert resource challenge by providing customers with a system able to perform complete and early detection of anomalies to avoid unexpected and costly machine downtime.«
The Test Motors team will be integrated into ADI's Automation and Energy Group and will operate as a Key Technology Group. No information was provided on the financial aspects of the acquisition.
» We are excited to become part of Analog Devices and work with its team of industrial technology experts,« says Emili Valero, former CEO of Test Motors. »The combining of our technology and expertise will enable us to develop the next generation of condition-based monitoring solutions designed to greatly extend manufacturing equipment life for electrical and non-electrical rotating machines and deliver significant cost savings that benefit both businesses and consumers.«

Condition-based monitoring systems are complex

Condition-based monitoring is not only about a singular technology. Rather, it is a system-oriented solution. ADI's technology portfolio includes MEMS sensors (micro-electromechanical systems), chips for signal processing and data conversion as well as processors and communication chips in conjunction with power electronics, which can be used to implement optimized, wireless and wired solutions for condition-based monitoring. Combining these technologies into a practical solution requires domain- and application-specific expertise as well as the ability to map information in diagnostic algorithms.