Cooperation on IoT platform Aaronn Electronic and Advantech expand partnership

Aaronn Electronic and Advantech expand their Partnership.
Aaronn Electronic and Advantech expand their Partnership.

With the »WISE-PaaS« platform, Advantech supports its partners with an IoT cloud platform. It serves projects in IoT, Big Data, Cloud Services and Artificial Intelligence. In the future, customers of Aaronn Electronic will also benefit.

At Advantech's Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference in Taipei, Aaronn Electronic and Advantech extended their long-standing partnership to cooperation on »WISE-PaaS«. With the WISE-PaaS IoT platform, Advantech offers its customers software and services that support them in building and operating cloud-based IoT business models. For European customers, Advantech provides the services from a European data center. Aaronn Electronic is now available as an authorized Advantech partner for the use of the offer and the development of customer-specific hardware for the digitization projects supported by WISE-PaaS.

Florian Haidn, Managing Director of Aaronn Electronic, explains: »Many of our customers found the offer of an IoT cloud platform interesting, but have so far hesitated to use it in a global cloud. However, since the cloud is now offered from a data center in the EU, we want to support companies in implementing their IoT and digitization projects quickly and efficiently with WISE-PaaS«. Existing as well as new customers should benefit from the strengthened partnership. Both companies are based in the west of Munich, which means that coordination channels are kept short.

About WISE-PaaS

With WISE-PaaS Advantech offers an IoT cloud platform designed for industrial requirements. WISE stands for »Wu Intelligence Solution Embedded«, whereby the Chinese word »Wu« can mean both »fog« and »things« - it thus stands for cloud and Internet of Things in equal. As a Platform as a Service (PaaS), it provides edge-to-cloud software services. They help to develop individual IoT applications.

Advantech's WISE-PaaS DeviceOn also provides asset management that allows remote monitoring and management of devices in different locations. With DeviceOn, direct intervention is possible if required. It also allows remote intervention and the remote installation of patches and updates. The use of DeviceOn is possible via the cloud or with an installation in the own data center. A wide range of other WISE-PaaS applications are also available.