Osram OS & GaN Systems 40 A Driver with 1 ns Rise Time for LiDAR Systems

Osram OS und GaN Systems entwickeln gemeinsam die Treiber-Elektronik für leistungsstärkere LiDAR-Laser mit 40 A Amplitudenstrom.
Osram OS and GaN Systems are jointly developing driver electronics for more powerful LiDAR.

Osram Opto Semiconductors has announced a laser with 480 watts peak power for LiDAR systems for 2019. It enables longer ranges and a larger field of view. The driver is being developed in cooperation with GaN Systems.

Scanning LiDAR systems are a key technology for driver assistance systems. Their range is currently around 200 meters and is to be further extended. In order not to endanger eye safety, a short pulse operation with high peak power is necessary.

Osram OS is developing a pulsed 4-channel SMT laser with 120 watts of peak power per channel. The driver electronics are being developed in cooperation with the power semiconductor manufacturer GaN Systems.

40 A Amplitude Current per Channel

According to the manufacturer, each channel is driven with an amplitude of 40 A and a rise time of only one nanosecond. The high peak power then can be modulated at low-duty cycles to produce high resolution 3D cloud points at long range for new LiDAR designs. The four channels enable the operation of four lasers and thus a larger field of view than is possible with current technology.

Osram OS has apparently already selected a laser diode for the announced system. The company recently added the SPL DS90A_3, an IR diode with three emitters designed for operation with 40 A pulses at 120 W, to its laser range.