Embedded World Conference 2019 With Wireless Power Class

Wireless Power - neue Class auf der Embedded World Conference 2019
Wireless Power - new Class at Embedded World Conference 2019

Wireless power is not only used for power supply, but increasingly also for data transmission between two embedded systems. The move of the Wireless Power Congress to Nuremberg for Embedded World 2019 follows this trend.

Wireless power transfer for charging batteries (wireless charging) is well on its way to conquering other applications after the smartphone - in industrial applications such as cordless tools and for Ex areas, in medical technology - in mobile diagnostic devices or implants, in kitchen and household appliances, in ITC, in automotive and vehicles , and in many other sectors.

It is always a question of integrating the converter stages required for energy transmission into a device or system - wireless power must be linked to an embedded system. More precisely: with two embedded systems - wireless power transfer forms the connection between two embedded systems, between energy transmitter and receiver. Some wireless power systems can even power more than one receiver.

By then at the latest, energy transmitters and receivers must communicate with each other - a task that is increasingly in the interest of developers and can be integrated into energy transmission.

Call for Papers on Wireless Power

In the Wireless Power Class at the Embedded World Conference , all aspects of system integration will certainly be in the foreground. But topics such as new transmission and switching technologies for power and data, connection to host systems, security and data protection, compliance, EMC and standard conformity, measurement technology, and much more are also relevant for developers of embedded systems if they want to expand their system by wireless transmission of power and data.

Proposals for presentations and workshops on wireless power at the Embedded World Conference can be submitted until August 31, 2018.

The »Topic of interest«: 2.2 Wireless Technologies is intended to identify the wireless power abstracts in the online portal to submit abstracts for the Embedded World Conference.